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3 Contests and Giveaways Strategies that will help Gain Insta-Traction

Statistics show that Instagram is one of the well-known social media platforms, with over 300 million dynamic users daily. They add to in excess of 40 billion pictures shared on the platform to date. These numbers have made Instagram the go-to site for business visionaries trying to develop their business.

In any case, numerous individuals have approached utilizing Instagram all off-base, prompting lazy footing. A portion of the top Instagram characters know the key to picking up foothold is by arranging challenges and giveaways to pick up insta-traction.


Challenges are one of the demonstrated approaches to get insta-traction, which allows you to be transparently imaginative with your content as could be expected under the circumstances. There are various sorts of challenges you can arrange, for example,

Like Contests: – This includes uploading a photograph and requesting that your fans like it with one individual or a group of people winning giveaways. This kind of competition builds your odds of showing up on the Discover page, and it is probably the easiest approaches to expand foothold.

Remark Contests: – If the essential objective is to create criticism about your items or administrations and increment post commitment, remark challenges are the best approach. Essentially upload a photograph and request that your fans remark on the post for an opportunity to win the prize. Continuously request that your followers tag others.

Photograph Contest: – To guarantee insta-traction, ask your fans to post pictures of them utilizing your product in an innovative manner for a chance to win a prize. Provide a hashtag they could use for this purpose

This sort of challenge can likewise incorporate asking your fans to repost one of your posts for an opportunity to win a prize.


The purpose is to attract the right followers, and the most ideal route to discovering those followers is by offering giveaways that are applicable to your image and fans. The correct sorts of giveaways are those identified with your image, to get the correct sort of insta-traction.

Everything boils down to taking the word out about your challenges and giveaways. Hashtags are the most ideal approach to get the message out just as track entries. Take a gander at the records of driving organizations in your specialty and note the kind of hashtags they are utilizing. The correct mix of hashtags will support the introduction of your challenges and giveaways, getting more traction.

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