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A concise guide to optimizing your website content – Keywords, Quality Content and Linking Strategy.


  • The best keywords are ones that have high search volume and low competition.
  • Include keywords in the title and body of web content.
  • Google AdWords keyword planner is an effective tool for the compilation of keyword list.
  • Don’t overload your content with the keyword. It is recommended that your keyword density should be between 1-5%
  • Ensure you do NOT use inappropriate keywords.

Quality Content

  • From the audience/ visitors viewpoint, Content would bring them to your website; keep them on your website for long; and will always bring them back.
  • From a web crawler viewpoint, Content is one of the essential factors in deciding exactly how much weight or significance ought to be given to any website page.
  • Regularly refresh your website content – regularly add new and updated content.

Linking Strategy

  • The objective is to get endless “significant” sites to link back to you.
  • The higher up the natural pecking order a site happens to be, the more significant any link they give back to you is perceived.
  • Actively search out significant sites that have comparable or related topics, items, or data.
  • Encourage link backs to incorporate important and keyword rich content as opposed to just a URL address.
  • The best links emanate from highly ranked sites, are set in significant page areas, and incorporate keyword rich content.

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