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Create Digital Products at Little or No Cost

Abstain from squandering unlimited hours until you’ve affirmed there is a market request through hard-earned money, paid deals and cash in your bank account.

Making digital products can be tedious yet it doesn’t need to be that way. Consider doing low priced items and beta releases of rough variants of your final products to affirm market demand. This implies beginning with a base reasonable product.

Some product thoughts:

  1. Get assent from live training participants and organizers to sell recordings of their training
  2. Record workshops, gathering speakers and other nearby occasions facilitated
  3. Video course without all the branding components and negligible altering
  4. Paid podcast audio series or teleseminar

A few kinds of digital products can likewise be delivered in their final format without incurring weighty costs and after production editing.

Some of the digital products known to have low after production editing include:

  1. Live-streaming conferences
  2. Interview-format virtual summits
  3. Live classes, instructing calls and counseling meetings through video-conferencing

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