This section outlines general terms and conditions that regulate the services, rights and duties between you, the customer (‘You’) and MyProServices.

It is assumed that the customer fully accepts these terms & conditions upon use of the myproservices.co website. MyProServices may make changes to its Terms of Services and will make a copy of the latest version available at https://myproservices.co/terms_of_service You understand and agree that MyProServices will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.

Nature of Services Provided at MyServices.Podlancer.com
MyProServices through the website https://myproservices.co/ provides a platform that makes it possible for individuals to sell and/or buy downloads & services from other myproservices.co customers (users).

Everyone can create a free profile and post as many downloadables or services as they like on https://myproservices.co/. Sellers may post the same service or download only once. Duplication of service or download will lead to their deletion.

Registration on the https://myproservices.co/ website is FREE of charge. Only registered users can buy and sell on MyProServices. There is only ONE ACCOUNT allowed per person. Each vendor must have a bank account to which the amount spent by consumers/buyers of his/her services or downloads is paid.

In addition to downloads, Sellers (vendors) post what they can do (service offers).

Downloadables/Services MUST NOT contain: Adult material or X-rated services, Pirated software, Competing services and any other illegal service or product. MyProServices Admins reserve the right to decline and delete any of such without a reason stated.

Buyer Protection
MyProServices invests a lot of time and effort into making sure all Services or downloads on MyProServices meet the minimum quality requirements.

Payment methods acceptable
As regards orders/services, MyProServices holds the payment in escrow and pays it to the Seller after the Buyer has accepted the order/ service delivered. MyProServices collects a commission on all transactions. PLEASE NOTE: The seller gets 60 percent after a sale. It should be noted that MyProServices charges 40 percent commission.

Users are not permitted to offer or accept payments using any method other than through the MyProServices system. Services/downloads should be ordered using the purchase button. This is done to protect customers’ private information according to our privacy policy.

Order Procedure – How to order an essay, paper or any other service
As regards service, after payment has been cleared, the Seller (Vendor) will be notified about the service order and should start working on it. Buyers will be notified of order status changes by email. After the Buyer (Client) accepts service, the payment will be credited to the Seller’s account.

Users are not permitted to offer or accept to communicate with other MyProServices users outside of the MyProServices messaging system. Doing so, will get the account blocked permanently.

Late Delivery
If an order (service) delivery is past due, the seller will receive a daily reminder for seven days. If the Seller fails to complete order within this seven day grace period, the order will be automatically cancelled and the money refunded to the Buyer´s MyProServices account balance.

Late delivery has a negative effect on a Seller’s rating and is only tolerated once. Repeat offenders may have their accounts suspended.

Mutual Order Cancellation
Both, Buyer and Seller may at any time agree to mutually cancel the order without a negative effect on the seller’s rating. Money from cancellations will be refunded to the Buyer’s MyProServices account balance.

Delivering Orders
MyProServices shall not be held liable for the quality of services/downloads delivered. Buyers must choose carefully who they order from and should always check rating and comments from other users.

All disputes are to be solved between the Buyer and the Seller directly: if a Buyer (Client) is unhappy with an order, he/she should reject the delivered work and insist on the service delivery as described in the service description.

Buyers are also free to leave a negative rating on any unsatisfactory delivery (We recommend this to be the last resort).

We encourage our buyers and sellers to resolve issues between themselves. If for any reason this process fails, you can contact us at info@myproservices.co . If necessary, refunds will be deposited into the Buyer’s MyProServices account balance.

Paystack refund requests are NOT encouraged. However, if the buyer insists on getting a refund to their accounts, we will refund 80 percent of the paid amount.

MyProServices reserves the right to cancel and refund any order at any time without having to state reasons for doing so.

MyProServices is an e-commerce platform, downloads and micro job service provider and is not directly involved in the quality of services or downloads.

Limitations of liability
Under no circumstance shall MyProServices be liable for damages exceeding the purchase price of the service or download. MyProServices Balance Account credits are 80 percent of the ordered amount. Paystack refunds are 80 percent of the ordered amount.

Payment Disputes
You agree to never file a payment dispute with Paystack. Contact our MyServices support team at info@myproservices.com to help you solve payment issues. Customers who file Paystack disputes will have their MyProServices accounts closed and be permanently banned from using MyProServices in the future.

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